Trey Gowdy Recently Sent A Strong Message To Barack Obama


Conservative hero Trey Gowdy recently sent a strong message to Barack Obama, one Obama heard loud and clear.

Conservatives who are sick of the tyranny of President Barack Obama and wary of the corruption of failed Presidential wannabe Hillary Clinton have had no better ally for the past few years than Congressman Trey Gowdy of upstate South Carolina.

Gowdy recently stood up with a national advocacy group for veterans and brutally criticized lame-duck President Obama for his sickening neglect of the VA healthcare system and for the way Obama’s government retaliated against whistleblowers both within the Internal Revenue Service and the VA.

And Obama’s pissed.

And for Obama’s sickening retaliation against whistleblowers at the Internal Revenue Service and the VA.

It is now well known Obama used the IRS to attack conservative groups. And while Obama thought he got away with that crime, Trey Gowdy just put him on notice that no crime will go unpunished.

Said Gowdy,

“I don’t like bullies. Government against whistleblowers is an unequal fight. Free speech is the ability to speak truth to power without consequences.”

Continued Trey,

“With very few limitations, you have the right to say what you want to say. But as a responsible citizen, I have to use that right judiciously. There are people in the media who are professional and there are some who have lost all pretense of objectivity.”

“Constitutional equilibrium is out of whack. I wish my colleagues would just read the document and not confuse it with the Declaration of Independence or a poem by Robert Frost.”

Gowdy already stated before:

Obama’s Justice Department, according to Gowdy, has refused to enforce current immigration laws and defend the rights of American citizens. That’s because the Obama White House is stopping the efforts of the U.S. Border Patrol and immigration enforcement agencies, while simultaneously granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens by unconstitutional executive orders.

After crushing Hillary, it seems Trey is preparing to go after Obama’s illegal actions. And we all know that if Trey goes after Obama that would be the end of Obama! SHARE THIS ARTICLE IF YOU SUPPORT TREY GOWDY AND WOULD LOVE TO SEE OBAMA PAY FOR HIS TREASONS!

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